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Welcome to GetmyiCard2.com
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We started GetMyiBizCard2 to bring the best of today’s technology to you, the business professional.

Now have you ever met someone, either professionally or socially, who expressed a genuine interest in your product or service and given that person a business card, only never to hear from them again?…OPPORTUNITY LOST!

How valuable do you think it would be to retain more of your contacts? Would you like to improve your professional image and make more of a lasting impression on your clients and customers?

Do you remain alert for ways to control and expand your business? 

GetMyiBizCard2 is here to answer the call for MORE BUSINESS! Promote Today! Profit Tomorrow! Start Now!


  Only $129.00 per year, paid annually

30 Day Money back Guarrantee


Make $20.00 for every referral that becomes

a sell. Paid monthly!!

 Get paid for advertising your own business!




Features of each card

place your personal picture

place your logo

Text Messaging



Save to Contacts

Save to home screen with it's own icon

About us info page 

Display photos

Display Coupons

Up to 10 pictures

Contact button for quick immediate messages

Location and live Step by Step Google map GPS directions to your office or store

Free qr Codes so you can place on flyers, booklets, posters, signs etc

Plus, because it is built in the cloud, you get instant updates with a click of a button

No more printing business cards or brochures again or worrying how to notify old customers that you moved or that you have 

a new service or product to offer,  with a single click of a button all past business cards brochures are updated Immediately! 

Tons of different colors to choose from

We build it for You, So you don't have too.


Say Goodbye to Germy Paper Business Cards. 

No handshakes, No Germs,

Just share your digital mini- website business card Brochure!




Click Images below to Interact with our live Digital iBusiness Card Brochures!








Only $149.95 per year, paid annually

30 day money back guarantee  

( Upon ordering you will receive an email acknowledging that we received your payment )

We will call you at the number you provide for any questions when were building your iBusiness card Brochure.


                                                                      Thanks for ordering!

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